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What are the best sex toy materials? Why you should care

When it comes to purchasing a sex toy, it can be quite easy to pick the size you would like, shape or color that suits your body and desires. However,

virtual reality sex toy

Virtual reality sextoys

Virtual reality sextoys are on the rise, revolutionizing the world of eroticism. Toys with VR promise deceptively real stimulation thanks to the latest technology. But what is Virtual Reality Sex

sex training

Sex training

There are many ways to spice up sex; one idea is using sex toys. There are many reasons to try them, although for some people it may be an uncomfortable

sex robot

Best sex robot

Sex robots are dolls, mostly with a female appearance created to impersonate the “perfect” woman: they respect the aesthetic and character canons desired by the buyer. But how are these

sex pillows

Best sex pillows

Sex toys are an enrichment for your sex life. But it doesn’t always have to be dildos, pleasure balls or penis rings: if used correctly, pillows are also a sex

Sex Dolls

Best sex dolls

A sex doll is a sex toy in form of replicas of female or male bodies and is mainly used for masturbation. Most of the dolls are female in nature


Safe Guide for Male Sex Toys

Buying a sex toy can be quite a doubting task to a majority of people. While you are busy thinking about what size, shape and texture you should look for,

prostate massage toys

Prostate massage

Prostate massage also referred to as prostate milking is the direct stimulation of the prostate gland with the main objective of expressing prostatic fluid, either with or without achieving orgasm.

best pocket pussy

Best pocket pussy

Gone are the days when men had to go through the hassle of struggling with pickup lines, drill a hole through their mattresses, waste tissues and petroleum jelly all in

best penis rings

Best penis rings

Let’s take a look at some of the best penis rings on the market today. The rings are reviewed on features, quality and price. SVAKoM Tyler The Tyler can be